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September 14, 2015

Human Resources & Payroll in China Book (3rd Ed.)

By Miriam Wickertsheim, Michael Maeder




Did you know that there are four types of permissible employment contracts in China?


HR processes in China are complex and therefore not always easy to understand. However, in this guide we bring you insights on how to deal with the most important HR issues in enough detail to satisfy the requirements of most managers either working in China or involved in HR at headquarters abroad. You will learn about specifics of the HR processes in China:


  • How to handle employee management in China?
  • How to calculate overtime payments?


Standard Work Hour System Overtime |


  • Which particularities does the Chinese employment law have?
  • How many days of annual leave are required?
  • What are the major recruitment challenges in China?


Finding qualified staff, increase of labor costs and retaining qualified staff are the top 3 business challenges for most companies in China.


  • Which specifics should be considered within the Chinese social insurance system?
  • How to manage the monthly payroll?
  • How to recruit professionals in China?
  • What are the best ways to organize work permits for foreign staff in China and Chinese staff going abroad?
  • How to deal with periodic staff reviews?
  • What is the Chinese income tax?


Individual Income Tax Rates |


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