Labor Market & Salary Report 2018-19

German companies in China expect wage increases of 5.99% in 2019


Key takeaways:

It is the first time the forecasted average wage increase has picked up since the survey is conducted on a China level: 5.99% in 2019, 5.90% in 2018.

The mild uptick, however, is not evenly distributed across regions. An acceleration of the average salary increase is expected in the Yangtze River Delta areas and Guangzhou. North China (Beijing, Tianjin, Other North), Shenzhen and Other Pearl River Delta areas are expected to put forward lower wage increases in 2019.

Rising labor costs, recruiting and retaining qualified staff remain the top three HR related issues.

Sentiment still remains positive in the ability for productivity to match wage increases (50.7% consider it likely), although more conservative than in the previous edition (58.2% likely).


Introduction to the report:

Every year since 2012 the German Chamber of Commerce in China conducts among its membership a China-wide salary survey aimed to monitor the evolution of compensation. This report represents its 11th Edition and has been elaborated in partnership with Direct HR Group.

The report covers a set of production-related positions (blue collar workers, operators, shift leaders,…) as well as several functional areas (administration, sales, purchasing, finance, HR,  engineering / r&d, quality, logistics, and consulting / project management ) for three levels of seniority based on job-experience.

Further to compensation and expected wage increases the survey offers additional insights into other HR related issues (productivity, HR challenges German companies face in China, and more).

The China Labor Market & Salary Report is the intellectual property of the German Chamber of Commerce China.

Interview with Rixin Zhang GM at Vector Automotive

Download here the full interview with Dr.-Ing. Rixin Zhang, General Manager at Vector Automotive Technology Shanghai and learn about his journey of professional transformation. 

You will enjoy this piece if: you are a young leader, or are on your way to senior leadership roles such General Manager or Managing Director of an organization in China and want to learn the first-hand account of someone that has already gone through the same journey you are in now; you are C-level executive sitting in the European head-quarter of a small-medium sized business with operations in China and want to know how you could support your regional leadership team to fare better.

Accelerate the Recruitment Cycle with Technology

Download here our full interview with Anne-Marie McCaughan, APAC Henkel Talent Acquisition Head, and get a first-hand account of how Henkel leverages on technology in China and APAC to accelerate talent acquisition.

She also tells us what good management means for her and very openly shares a list of tips and tricks to stay ahead of the curve, both as a manager and as a subject matter expert, to constantly keep adding value to the business and supporting her team’s growth.

You will enjoy this read if you are looking to hone your recruitment strategy to make it more efficient and more relevant to your business, whether you are in China or elsewhere, using social media and technology; or if you are tired of hearing those there-is-a-talent-war-in-China type of statements that offer you little actionable insight and want to pick up on some specific strategies that might have an impact also on your organization.

A Guide to Change and Interim Management in China

Distilled from over 25 years of experience in managing companies in China


We took our interview with Frank Fiebrandt and wrapped it in this free downloadable guide containing some practical examples (not included in the article!) plus some other nice additions to help you digest all the insights he shared with us.


Remember, you will enjoy this if:

  • You are or aspire to be a General Manager or Managing Director of a business in China.
  • A C-Level executive who has responsibilities over your organization’s regional subsidiary in China, whether you are or not in China. In fact, if you are not in China this piece is specially relevant to you!
  • Involved in any capacity in the management of human resources in China of an operation of about 50 to 250 people.

Medical Technology Talent Report (China)

Which are the most common functional areas in Med-Tech companies in China? To what extent do they focus on functions such as Engineering over Sales, or vice versa?


China is expected to be the second largest med-tech market in the world by 2020. The forces that will propel this growth: an ageing population paired with a middle class that can pay more for health and investment from the Chinese Government to improve the country’s healthcare infrastructure.

In this report we have put together over 14,000 resumes from industry professionals in China coming from 30 med-tech firms, including top global players such as Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, Philips Healthcare, Medtronic, GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Baxter, and more.



Medical Technology China: Talent Location by Economic Region |



You will be interested in this report if:

  • You are an industry practitioner with responsibilities on managerial or human resources/organization functions and you are looking for relevant insights in the medical technology industry in China.
  • You want to understand the different talent acquisition strategies med-tech companies in China are currently presenting: level of seniority, preferred locations, most common functional areas and more.